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What is gym marketing software?

Gym marketing software is software that streamlines marketing campaigns for gyms and improves engagement of gym members through robust marketing automation tools.

Gym marketing software includes email marketing and SMS messaging tools, gym website analytics, and marketing data reports. Gym marketing software is an integral feature of gym management systems.

Turn website visitors into paying members

Use website forms to capture information from people who find you online.

Track leads as they come in, then follow up with them individually based where they are in the buying journey. Add them to automated marketing campaigns to convert them to members.

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Increase memberships through referrals

Referrals from existing members are one of the best ways for gyms to get new members. Set up and run a referral program that’s customized for your gym.

Keep track of member referrals, and provide discounts or account credit to members when a referral signs up.

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Improve communication with members and leads

Send bulk or targeted messages to your members or leads via email, text and push notifications.

Segment gym members by status, membership type or program before sending a message to tailor your gym communications.

Set up automatic notifications for members about bookings, payments, and membership status.

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Measure your marketing efforts

Learn how new members find your gym. Track new sign-ups and leads, and follow their journey to improve your retention efforts.

See the overall performance of your gym's marketing to improve growth and member retention.

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Build a marketing engine that works while you sleep

Use marketing automations to send messages and perform actions on contacts automatically. Engage with leads to encourage them to book classes, then verify their attendance.

Automatically follow up with new members and support them on their journey to becoming loyal members. Re-engage with leads who didn’t didn’t become members the first time.

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Gymdesk Works with the Products You Love

Take advantage of integrations with leading software solutions to seamlessly connect Gymdesk to your existing workflow.


Financial infrastructure for the Internet.


Powering all the ways you do business.

Accept payments anytime, anywhere


Online video conferencing and collaboration.

Active Campaign

The email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences.


Cloud based access control. Provide remote door access via a mobile device

How RTS Barbell Achieved Explosive Growth with Gymdesk

Every Gymdesk account gets access to our team of gym experts and extensive library of resources to grow their business.

RTS Barbell 24/7 Fitness Gym
"With Gymdesk we've been able to add about 100 new members in the last 3 months, as well as hundreds of day-pass visitors"
Kevin Kist Kevin Kist Owner at RTS Barbell RTS Barbell Logo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How easy is it to switch from Mindbody to Gymdesk?

    Switching from Mindbody to Gymdesk is very simple with our migration tool. Export your member data from Mindbody and import it into Gymdesk in a matter of minutes.

    You can also migrate your payment data, leads/prospects lists, products, attendance and more.

  • What are the payment processing fees?

    All payment processing is run through our payments partners - Stripe, Square and, and each have their own set of fees depending on your location and payment types.

    We do not charge anything extra beyond the fees charged by your selected payment processor.

  • Can I charge members using direct bank debits?

    We support direct bank debits for member payments, depending on your location and payment processor.

    Stripe and provide ACH and eChecks respectively to US customers. Stripe also provides SEPA bank debits to EU customers, BECS direct debits in Australia, and Pre-Authorized Debits in Canada.

  • Do you track ranks, levels and promotion requirements?

    You can track attendance using a tablet at the front desk, or manually in bulk at the back office.

    For each program you run in your gym, you can set up promotion criteria for each rank / belt, and then generate reporting on members' progress towards their promotion criteria. The system also generates notifications when members are ready to be tested for promotion.

  • Can I use Gymdesk's online functionality with my website?

    All of our online features can work independently from the website we provide, and integrated on your existing website.

    This includes the gym weekly schedule, lead capture forms, the member sign-up form and access to the member portal.

  • Are you available in my country?

    Any gym around the world can use our software! Credit-card processing might be limited to the countries supported by our payment partners, but you can still run payments manually and use all of our features without limitation.

Gym management software that frees up your time and helps you grow.

Simplified billing, enrollment, student management, and marketing features that help you grow your gym or martial arts school.